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So What is Picaboo?

So, you have never heard of  Picaboo (pronounced "peek-a-boo") is an awesome digital software book making company.  You can create a book by dragging and dropping your pictures into their book making software.  It is a free software that you can download to your PC or Mac.  Along with a couple of other companies, they compete mainly with Shutterfly..... ooooohhhhhh!  You know what Shutterfly is??  Okay!  So now you understand?  They offer calendars, canvases, Christmas cards, collages, books, books and more books! 

So what's so special about  Well, to start, they offer over 20,000 different backgrounds.  As a book designer, I want options and lots of them! The other book software companies didn't offer enough variety and personality for me.   I quickly became bored after doing a couple of books and realizing that future books would not be that different from each other. has an extensive library of backgrounds grouped by THEME and categories for kids, birthdays, boys, girls, seasons, color, travel.... etc found in their Home icon. 

This is an image inside Picaboo's book making software showing the front cover, spine, and back cover.  The themes are on the right.  As you click on a theme it will continue to the collections. 

Here is an example of what it looks like when you click on a color. 

Here I am clicked into the Theme - Color - Pink  and it shows the categories of Pinks.  The options are further  divided into types of pinks, patterned, and solids.  This is perfect for finding the exact color that matches the theme you have picked.  Or if you have chosen a collection from a beach theme, you could find blues and greens that are complimentary to further add. 


I add my backgrounds to the photo tray by clicking on the circled "i" and "adding to tray".  Then you put the backgrounds behind or in front of each other to give a layered look.  If you have ever scrapbooked with papers, it is the same concept. 



Here is an example of desktop with the colors on the right as choices in green and the option to add the background to the photo tray.  You can see where I added backgrounds already to the tray.  When you add them to the page you choose to insert another picture.  You can layer them over each other and choose the size and shape.  Notice the circles?  Picaboo Desktop software gives you the option to add the image and then crop into different shapes, such as a circle, heart, oval, or square.


For this book I chose backgrounds from the birthday (collection Picnic Green Birthday) section and added pink and green solids and textured backgrounds.


That is one of my most favorite tricks (shhhh!)  My books are always coordinated with a theme or one collection as an overall feel to unify the theme of the book.  Whether you base your theme on a color, season, or holiday, Picaboo offers an abundance of options.  I quickly grew tired of Shutterfly because they didn't have the options like Picaboo.  Not that I am a Shutterfly basher.  I am just a Picaboo cheerleader!

See why I love the shapes option?? This is a cover to birthday book I designed that was star themed.  The colors of the party were in pink and green.  I layered the different backgrounds and was able to crop in circle, stars, and rectangles. The long thin rectangles look like ribbon. 

You can choose an outline in a specific color or remove the outline. 


Here is a peak into my book library.  You can see on the left there that you can choose to make a book, card, calendar, canvas, collage, or prints to be printed.  After you create your book it will go into your 'Library" of books. 

Okay, so I have told you the basics to Picaboo's software but I haven't told you the most exciting part!  You can add "embellishments" to your pages with ease by uploading them as pictures.  You can size and place them wherever you want on your page.  Before this software enhancement with Picaboo Desktop, I had to use a separate computer software like Adobe Photoshop or Scrapbook Deluxe to design a page with other embellishments.  Now, I can do it all right inside of Picaboo's software!  Now, that is exciting to me!  That means if you purchase kits they are all useable within Picaboo Desktop and easy to bring right into the photo tray. 


Here are some examples of pages with embellishments.

Here is a spread with the Front Cover, Spine, and Back Cover for a "Spa Party" theme

Below is a look inside of my "Christmas Traditions" book
One last look to inspire you, ... here is the Front Cover, spine, and Back Cover of my daughter's school yearbook. 
Well, I hope I have inspired you to try  Or if you are already using, you have been able to get some ideas for layouts.  Follow me on Pinterest to view more of my books!  I also have a Digital Layout board for ideas to keep your designs interesting.  Take a look and have fun creating memories that will last a lifetime! 
doing small things, with great love,
The Pink Peach
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